Rearrange plots on page with jQuery

Hi all,

I currently have several plots (dynamically added/removed) arranged on a page in a flexbox, so the plots fill the width and then wrap to the next line if they don’t fit. This works fine:

What I want to do next is allow the user to rearrange the plots by dragging the plots. I have a working test page (sans Bokeh, show below), but it doesn’t work when I add the code to my actual page. In my actual page, I’m not able to select anything to drag.

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

    $( function() {
      $( ".plot-holder" ).sortable();
      $( ".plot-holder" ).disableSelection();
    } );

Also, the formatting gets messed up if I import jQuery after importing BokehJS. This makes me wonder if BokehJS is overriding jQuery.


If anyone has any tips I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

You didn’t provide enough code to answer your question precisely (e.g. I have no idea what .plot-holder is and how you actually embed Bokeh plots into your webpage).
But I can guess that it doesn’t work simply because Bokeh plots intercept all mouse events and prevent them from bubbling up to .plot-holder. Try making the wrapper around the plots a bit larger than the plots themselves and then start dragging the area that’s not covered by a plot. If that works, you can probably create a designated dragging handle for each plot that’s not covered by the plot itself.