Regression Testing of Engineering Libraries

Hello everyone,

I am excited to share one of the applications I use at work using bokeh. Inspiration of this work is in similar vein as the blog post by Randy Au. This is to preserve domain knowledge and allow other developers to check their work without a deeper understanding of underlying mechanics. The python script generates a HTML report which is used to quickly test if the current branch is ready to be merged into out production branch named ‘develop’. This speeds up the process of testing and we are planning to implement in a git pipeline on the cloud. This library powers driver in the loop simulators used by professional race car drivers.

Testing a mechanics based library is complicated. Utilizing bokeh to generate a metrics and visual report helped in improving the testing aspect of the vehicle dynamics library. My colleagues were able to get up to speed and were able to contribute to this project.

Here are some screen shots of the HTML report comparing the current branch the developer is working relative to the develop branch:


This is really neat @swamilikes2code thanks for sharing!