Remove PolySelectTool for 2.0?

The PolySelectTool has never worked all that well—the UI interaction is kind of clunky, and it does not perform well when plots are zoomed, etc. I take the lack of complaints about it over the years to possibly indicate that no one really uses it. Certainly we haven’t ever made a point to demonstrate it. I’d like consider removing it for the upcoming 2.0 release. Anyone with strong thoughts please chime in below (or answer Yes on the poll)

Do you use or rely on the PolySelectTool?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also, just to make sure, in case it was not evident. The PolySelectTool is not the same as the “lasso” tool, which is prominently used in many examples, and is not going anywhere.

If it doesn’t work reliably (and lasso does) then I’m in favour of removing it. I think it’s more important for users to have everything in the library be robust, even if that means there are slightly fewer functions.

That said, I did include the PolySelectTool as one of the tool options for the current version of microscopium. That shouldn’t count as a reason to keep it though - we may change the web app display substantially. So yes I’ve used it, but if it isn’t reliable I might not miss it if it’s gone.

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What @GenevieveBuckley said. =P We provide PolySelectTool, but actually I find myself using RectangleSelect much more because it is so much easier to use. In theory, Lasso is strictly more powerful than Poly (?), so we could certainly make do!