Removing DataTables and loading new ones

Hi there!
First of all, congratulations about Bokeh! It is amazing!

I hope you can help me with the following:
I have a dict containing ColumnDataSources (CDS) for different “entities”, e.g.:
{“File”: CDS1, “Webserver”: CDS2}

I need separate CDS because each entity has different features. In other words, the CDSs do not share the same column_names.
I created one DataTable for each entity, and stored them in a dict of Panels, so I could load all of them in the same Tab. This is working fine.

However, my application allows the user to create and delete entities. But then I cannot “delete” this tab and load a new one with the DataTables for the new set of entities.
Is this possible?
If not, would pushing a new session help me? How could I achieve this?

Thank you so much!!