Request default username changes here

Hi all,

Is there some way to change my discourse user name that the (import?) system picked for me automatically? AFAICT, discourse allows it in general but it must be allowed in bokeh’s instance config, which I presume is not.

In case an admin can do that for me, I would like my username to be “gdementen”, like in almost all other websites I am using, instead of the longer “gaetan_de_menten” which I find kinda ugly.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve made the change, and upped the number of days a username change is allowed after registration from 3 to 7 (I don’t see an option to allow username changes forever). But this setting may not apply to the staged imported accounts, so if anyone wants a username change, just post in this topic and tag me.

Thanks a lot for the quick response & action! Since I tried to change my login immediately after I first actually logged in, I fear the number of days started counting on my first message to the mailing list back in 2014, so that’s a bit more than 3 days :grin:

Ah, that’s what I was afraid of but is good to know. It’s probably not advised to just set the value to “a million days” to simulate “infinite”, so hopefully if any other imported users feel strongly about it they will find this topic and reply asking for a change!

@Bryan I am in a similar situation as the OP, could you please change my username to joelostblom instead of Joel?

could you please change my username to joelostblom instead of Joel ?


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