Resizable plots in column

I’m trying to do interactive size change of plot and parameter ‘resizable’ looks almost what i needed, but it turns out that it doesn’t work with column layout. Like, i can change width, but height is locked or something like this. Don’t know if it’s a bug or natural behavior.

from bokeh.layouts import row, column
from bokeh.plotting import figure, show

x = list(range(11))
y0 = x
y1 = [10 - i for i in x]
y2 = [abs(i - 5) for i in x]

s1 = figure(width=250, height=350, background_fill_color="#fafafa",
            resizable='height'), y0, size=12, color="#53777a", alpha=0.8)

s2 = figure(width=250, height=250, background_fill_color="#fafafa",
            x_range=s1.x_range, resizable='both')
s2.triangle(x, y1, size=12, color="#c02942", alpha=0.8)

show(column(children=[s1, s2], resizable='both', height_policy='max'))

Also, wanna ask how can i do something like this.

At present, the sizing_mode properties are the most-used and best-supported mechanism for controlling plot layout. I’d suggest starting with those, instead of resizable

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