Resize Tabs and its components

Hello everyone,

My doc is consisted of tabs element:

# create the tabs
tabs = Tabs(tabs = [dailyTab, # add the first daily tab
                    dbDailyTab], # add the second db daily tab
            max_width = preferredWidth, # set the width of the tabs
            sizing_mode = "scale_both") # change the sizing mode of the layout

# add the tabs as the root of the document

I am trying to make it and its components resizable to the user’s window. As you can see, I have set the sizing_mode to “scale_both”. Furthermore, I ditched all figures’ height and width and only kept the aspect_ratio; however, no resizing is taking place.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

Also, I am trying through CSS as well, but with no luck.

Thank you for your time!