Reverse proxy websocket problem

Hello! I have configured the server with reverse proxy, but I have a question because of a problem with the web socket.

I succeeded in receiving a template using server_document from bokeh, but when providing a web socket to a user, I have to provide it with “wss”, but there is a problem with providing it with “ws”. (Other urls are normal at https.)

I’ll be waiting for the reply.

I want to run the websocket with http → ws, https → wss according to x-forwarded-proto.

Hi @tp7019 It’s not possible to speculate about anything at all without more details, e.g. your nginx configuration, and the command used to start the Bokeh server, at a minimum.

I’m sorry @Bryan
bokeh runs with “python”, and the code is shown in the image below.

there are four nginx, and the image below is on of them.
스크린샷 2022-12-06 오전 9.40.33

I actually loaded js, css file, but seems to be a problem when determining the websocket protocol in the ‘bokeh.min.js’ file

@tp7019 I think you are missing some necessary configuration for nginx to terminate SSL successfully in front of Bokeh. Please see