Sailing race telemetry app

Telemetry app

This is an app for visualisation of America’s Cup telemetry.
It features:

  • Map: Sailboat tracks and positions are shown on a map with boat icons representing the boat orientation. The boats move as the replay is progressing.
  • Plot: X,Y plots with telemetry linked to drop-down selector for required data source. Vertical span line indicates current time of the replay.
  • YouTube: 3 video streams synchronised with telemetry and positional data. Videos are automatically played and sought to the replay time.

The replay is controlled by the “play” button and time slider.

The time-critical interactions and YouTube API callbacks are implemented with custom JS callbacks which are surprisingly easy to learn and integrate.
The app is designed for minimal memory usage and server load and occupies appr. 40mb of RAM. App is hosted on a free Heroku dyno.

Git repo for the app: GitHub - dorox/ac36
Git repo for the telemetry data: GitHub - dorox/ac36_data

Any dissemination, suggestions and contributions are welcome!
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Since I’m here, There are a couple of questions:

  • How do I edit the base Jinja template for the number of apps?
  • What is the best strategy to serve a number of apps including a root ("/") webpage?


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