Scatter Plot not showing up for negative values

Hello I am a beginner bokeh user and would like to ask help for my scatter plot.

My x axis are integers (number counting from 1 onwards).
My y axis are data of negative values.

Before I store the data in ColumnDataSource (line #2), I tried to replace the blank items with ‘na’ using ‘pd.to_numeric’ function (line #1). Then I do scatter plot (line #3 & #4)


cc_df[plot_y1] = pd.to_numeric(cc_df[plot_y1], errors = ‘coerce’)

cc_df_cds = ColumnDataSource(cc_df)

hibfig1 = figure(title=plot_y1,
plot_height=500, plot_width=500, tools=toolList,
x_axis_label=plot_x1, y_axis_label=plot_y1, x_range=(1,4300))

#4, y=plot_y1, source=cc_df_cds,
size=2, color=black)

The result is always like in attached figure. Nothing there except the Title.

Then if I remove line#1, I am able to see the X axis and Y axis but plot itself won’t show up. For data of positive values scatter plots are perfectly fine.

Any idea what could I miss or what should I do to be able to plot negative values correctly? Thanks in advance!

Hi @sCh0y there is not enough information here to be able to speculate. Please provide a complete Minimal Reproducible Example that can be investigated directly. (That is always the most efficient path to help others help you)