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Hi Bokeh community,

New to bokeh, and I’m trying to make a web-app with some plots using Bokeh. I have an element list for nodes of a network which runs for hundreds of elements that need to be selected (I need it to be combinatorial, so from a CheckBox Group), and I’m trying to figure out how to make the node list scrollable.

I saw this discussion on Community support, but it contains a broken link to a Google Groups discussion. So, my question is: Is there a painless way to do this while staying within Python?

I have tried sizing_mode='fixed', css_classes=['scrollable'] within a column, but that doesn’t seem to do it.

I think the only current way to accomplish this is to target CSS. Assuming a recent Bokeh version, this easiest way to do that is documented here:

I don’t offhand know what CSS you’d need to target. The very quickest thing would be for you to open up a DOM inspector in your browser and have a look directly.

cc @mateusz in case there’s something I’ve missed.

Thanks Bryan,

I ended up using a MultiSelect instead of the Checkbox group with the argument css_classes=['scrollable']), since I couldn’t find a corresponding element in Checkbox group and MultiSelect works just fine.


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