Secure bokeh server

Hi all,

Perhaps a stupid question, but when I use the Bokeh server, does it only communicate with the server to add functionality to the callbacks, or are the data themselves uploaded and processed on the server? Or, to put it differently for my specific case, is there any risk in using the bokeh server for non-public data?

The situation:
I have a network visualization based on networkx, where a text input widget allows users to browse for a particular node and its relations within the network. As there are several thousands of nodes, it is not feasible to create the entire network and only use java callbacks to filter which nodes to show. Instead I have the bokeh plot create a plot depending on the node searched for. However, this forces me to rely on the python code to compute node positions, forcing me to use a server. As I can’t really wrap my head around the exact steps the server is involved in, I thought asking here would be the way to go.


@IDWR The major purpose of the Bokeh server is to exactly and automatically mirror state between a Python an JS runtime, so without more information, the short answer would be “yes”. But it’s also worth mentioning, since it seems maybe you have a misconception: everything, including the data, starts on the Bokeh server. A connection is initiated, and the Bokeh server runs your app code to create a document for a session, and that document is mirrored to the client.

Ah, brilliant, that is very helpful. Thank you for the clarification!

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