Seeking Examples of Bokeh in Academic Papers

This is to support a funding proposal to be submitted later this year. If you are aware of any citations or mentions of Bokeh in academic papers (or can help search for these) please comment below.

We used bokeh in a paper for visualising high resolution Mass Spectrometry data (analytical chemistry).

A quick search finds a couple more papers:
And this thesis -

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We’ve implemented a Bokeh into our software and cited it here:

We’ve also used Bokeh in a number of other publications, although without explicitly citing it:!divAbstract

I am in progress to publish an article. Do you have a reference example on how properly cite Bokeh? (journal article, etc.)

Found myself:

That old site is almost surely going away soon, so I will leave it here explicitly for posterity :slight_smile:

Bokeh Development Team (2018). Bokeh: Python library for interactive visualization

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is:

title = {Bokeh: Python library for interactive visualization},
author = {{Bokeh Development Team}},
year = {2018},
url = {},
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Can this be added somewhere on the new site too?

Can this be added somewhere on the new site too?

It’s on my TODO list :slight_smile:

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@GenevieveBuckley see I am not a BibTex expert (or even user at all at this point) so it would be great if someone who is could double check that syntax.

Hello everybody

My paper was accepted by MNRAS (preprint here) and I added my thanks (and citation) to the Bokeh team!

Thank you for your wonderful work!

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