Seeking Help to Replicate Interactive Polygon Drawing in Bokeh

I’m trying to reproduce the behavior shown in the gif:


I’ve found an example on Bokeh’s documentation. I can define patches, but I cannot draw new ones myself. Are there any examples of the behavior shown in the gif? My end goal is to use the coordinates of the vertices defined in the patches within a Python callback.

@angelsen There actually seems to be a bug in 3.4.x but I things are working as expected on the 3.3 docs:

poly_draw — Bokeh 3.3.0 Documentation

i.e. double tap/click to set in initial vertex location, then tap click to add new vertices, and finally ESC to complete.

Can you please file a bug report in a GitHub Issue?

cc @Philipp_Rudiger in case I have missed something about the poly draw tool in 3.4.x

Thanks for pointing me in that direction, I’ll use 3.3.4 for now, I have filed a bug report on GitHub here.