Seeking Windows maintainer

Hi all,

Windows users are fairly thinly represented on the current core dev team. Fortunately, we have not (at least not yet) run into very many Window-specific issues, thanks mostly to Python itself. But occasionally we do run into some gotchas like this one:

So in the interest of making sure that Windows gets the same attention and care as other platforms, we'd like to ask if there is someone with relevant experience who might be interested in helping out. If you are interested in taking on a defined role in an OSS project, we would definitely love to work with someone who can help with some or all of:

* coordinate Windows acceptance testing during releases [every few months]

* set up automated CI testing for windows on Appveyor [one-time]

* help triage and work on windows-specific issue reports [occasional, so far]

* suggest ways to improve the Windows user experience [ongoing]

If this sounds like a project you'd be interested in, please reach out to me directly via email or on the gitter chat channel!