Selected region gets disconnected from the plot

Hi. I’m not sure if this normal, but whenever I select a region using BoxSelectTool, it selects it, but then it will get disconnected from plot

Here is an example:

Per this PR:

I would expect a gap right between the start and end of the selected region, and the unselected regions on either side. That’s simply what we are able to accomplish with the current implementation. [1] But I would not expect that long line connecting the two unselected regions. I would suggest filing a GitHub Issue as long as you can provide full details and most especially a complete Minimal Reproducible Example

  1. There is also just the matter that it is a “policy” question with no “right” answer. Should a line where the gap is be dark/highlighted, because it abuts a selected point? Or, should it be light/un-highlighted, becasue it also abuts a non-selected point. ↩︎

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Thank you @Bryan.
Could you briefly explain how to apply this PR fix?

Thank you.

@xertz The fix was merged in to the project years ago, there is nothing for you do do. I am saying that based on the work in that PR, part of your image (the small “gaps” on either side") are expected, but that another part (the long, light line segment above) is not expected so there may be an bug issue to report.

@Bryan Got it. Thank you.

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