Serialization error after updating to 3.0.2


I posted a question a while back and have used this example in my code:

I am using a plot_dict with TabPanels, I updated bokeh so switched from Panel to TabPanel and also there is a few div paragraphs. Where I changed the parameter “style” name to “styles”. I am getting this large error when running the code and not entirely sure what it is related to:

When I uncomment the plotDict part, the code has no errors. I am also using functools partial, but seems like the error is related to dict keys? Line 627 is where the error comes up (this worked before):

Hi @Zana sorry this is a bit too confusing to follow. I guess you have started with the code in the other post, but made some changes that you have described here narratively? I don’t really have a clear idea of what code you are actually running, and to be honest, the code in the other post looks broken (e.g. referencing a "plotdict" column that does not exist in the CDS). It’s probably better to start fresh and post a new, updated, complete MRE here (please attend to the “minimal” aspect, the other code has lots of formatting, templating, etc. code that does not appear related to the problem at all).