SerializationError: can't serialize <class 'shapely.geometry.point.Point'>

Hello Community,

I’m trying make multiple plots through Bokeh. And I keep on getting this error as below. SS attached. I checked my dataframe and it has exactly the correct column i want and the correct data. If i make a new cell and code a scatter plot it runs and gives me a plot that i wanted, but doesn’t run in the Bokeh cell.

Below is the SS of the error message:

Bokeh does not know anything about Shapely data types. Generally speaking, Bokeh expects lists, arrays, series of integers or floating point numbers. A few glyphs (e.g. multi-polygons) expect nested collections of arrays. There is also a GeoJSON data source that can adapt geojson to a format Bokeh can understand.

If you’d like to make a feature request for future development to consider some sort of Shapely integration, a GitHub Issue would be appropriate.

Lastly, please do not post screen shots of code or messages. They are not accessible and and cannot be copy-pasted

Thank you for your response Bryan. The input going to Bokeh is a data frame that includes integers and floats. I tried the geojson and it shows the errors like “float is not iterable” converted to int error “integers not scriptable”

Do you how much time does it takes to have the feature implemented since the request?

Sorry, I just joined the forum and didn’t know about that. Will make sure I don’t post the code/ss in future.

Bokeh is like almost all volunteer OSS projects, in that there is far more work than people to do it. An issue is a necessary pre-condition for a feature to get added, but does not guarantee a feature will get implemented in any particular time frame, or even at all.

About the other errors, generally it’s not possible to speculate about technical specifics without a complete complete Minimal Reproducible Example to actually examine and run directly.

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