Server app examples are not in my (conda installed) bokeh package

I am in Windows 10 exploring Bokeh (2.3.2) for the first time (I’ve done all the first steps tutorials), and want to run the server apps (such as gapminder). I am using miniconda and installed using conda. Within my site package, I am not seeing the bokeh/examples directory anywhere within C:\Users\Eric\Miniconda3\envs\myenv\Lib\site-packages\bokeh. I can download the data files fine for the examples. Is there some knob I should have turned when installing bokeh, or should turn now that it is installed?

Hi @eric_overflow the examples are not part of the install package. They are located in the GitHub repo:

Thanks so much that was easy enough I just downloaded the app folder ( threw it in bokeh/examples and things just worked (a couple of dependencies I needed like opencv in this environment, but no big deal).

Fantastic – these examples are really amazing!

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