Server won't start

First time using this.
I tried to launch an application with panel serve and the terminal hung on “Starting Bokeh server with process id:” for over 15 minutes, at which point I killed it.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
I’m using linx mint 20 and I installed with pip install bokeh.
Using python -m bokeh serve hangs too.

@tomb the server is starting fine, it is then just waiting for a connection from a browser. App code only runs when sessions are created (every time for a new session). If there are never any connections to create new sessions, then the app code would never run.

You can navigate manually to the URL shown in the log there, or presumably you can add a --show command line option to have a new browser tab opened for you automatically (that’s the way bokeh serve works at an rate, I can’t say for sure about panel serve — that’s really a question for the Holoviz team, “panel” is not actually part of the Bokeh library)

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That does it.
Thanks Bryan!

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