Set me straight on server architecture

For reference I’ve successfully embedded and launched a script similar to that in the example on git.

bokeh_app = Application(FunctionHandler(modify_doc))
server = Server({’/first’: bokeh_app}, io_loop=io_loop, port=5006)
if name == ‘main’:
print(‘Opening Bokeh application on http://localhost:5006/’)
io_loop.add_callback(, “/first”)


My issue comes up when I want to launch an additional script. I’ve tried a few things but end up with a web socket or io-loop error. I think I’ve got a handle on the earlier errors, but I need some clarification going forward.

Once my server is running and first script is being served in a web browser via the method above, how do I go about later serving up a new document with its own data and callbacks from my second script into a new browser tab beside the first? I shouldn’t have to start the server or io_loop as they are already running. I also don’t think I would need multiple servers, because bandwidth isn’t an issue. I’m unclear on how to connect to those already running processes and push another document. Should I use ServerSession or autoload server in my second script?

Ok, just found the server devguide. It clears up a lot.