Shortcuts for select widget

Hi all

  1. I just joined this group, so hello to you all.

  2. The reason I joined is a question I want to find its answer, I asked it in stackoverflow a few months ago and got no responses. So thought maybe here I can get an answer. I just copy/paste it from there.

  3. I have a program in which using two ‘Select’ widgets (let’s call them Select1 and Select2), I update a few plots. Select1 lists subject names in an experiment, and Select2 dynamically updates and displays list of available records for that subject, and updates the plots. When value of Select1 is changed, the first record in the Select2 list is chosen by default and the plots updated accordingly. At startup, the first record of the first subject is chosen.

To make the code easier to use for the users, I want to be able to scroll through Select1 using up and down arrow keys and going through Select2 using left and right arrow keys. And when I reach the last record in Select2, Select1 should be updated to the next subject name in the list.

So far, I have not been able to find any solution in the bokeh documentation. If anybody knows a solution, be happy to hear it. I run the code on bokeh server.

  1. If you need any other info to answer the qeustion, please lte me know.