Show dropdown on right click over line in bokeh

Hey All,

We are using bokehjs with react to generate lines over tile plot. Now we want to display a custom dropdown on a right click event.

Any way to trigger the right click event and display a dropdown in bokeh?

You know bokeh

Nothing is impossible, but there is nothing built-in to Bokeh to display widgets on top of a plot’s raster canvas, and I don’t think it would be trivial. I’ve never actually done it or seen it done, so I can only outline a possible sketch: A click event can report the plot frame screen coordinates to a CustomJS callback, these coordinates would need an adjusted to be relative to the canvas origin. Then you would need to display a dropdown of your own at those DOM coordinates (not a Bokeh one, e.g. you would need to hook up standard JS event handling for whatever widget you use for it to be able to do anything)

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