Show/hide widget box dashboard

Is it possible to make LayoutDOM elements expand/collapse with bokeh? I’d like to be able to toggle the expansion/collapse of a widgetbox by clicking a button/tab. More info below.

I’m working on a Bokeh Server app with an interface that provides a pretty extensive range of options in the form of widgets. The number of plots displayed can grow and shrink, depending on the options that the user selects. As this range of options has grown, so too has the dashboard of dropdowns, buttons, paragraphs etc. I’ve already started saving space on the screen by grouping the options and laying them out in tabbed panels (using the Panel and Tabs widgets), but what I’d really like to be able to do is, use a button/tab/switch to show and hide the widget dashboard. So, when the user wants to change the figure options, they press a button that expands out the widgetbox, and when they’re done, they press the button again and the widgetbox collapses down or is hidden some other way. Ideally, the whole figure layout of rows and columns would shift to accommodate this behaviour.

Can anyone suggest an approach that I could take to achieve this?

Thanks for reading,