Simple 2D Groundwater Model

I’m a hydrosystem modeller and Bokeh was perfect to interactively explore a semi-analytical solution we (me, a colleague and my boss) found for specific systems of surface-water/groundwater interactions (widening 2D floodplains).

At first we went the “Server and Python Callback” route, before figuring out that JavaScript is really not so different from Python. Hence we translated our model to a CustomJS, which makes everything super smooth and cheap (because we don’t need a server anymore :tada: ).

It was a really fun project, and I will recommend Bokeh wherever I go :wink:

We uploaded the model onto github pages:

The accompanying paper can be found here:

All referenced source code, including the full Bokeh model is in this repository (Bokeh stuff is in the “Python” directory):

We even made some nice reveal.js slides with the model directly included (navigate with arrow keys); disclaimer: meant for a talk, so not self-explanatory in any way:
Presentation (<-- this will be taken down after a while)

Have fun with exploring the thing; don’t worry if some sliders don’t change the flow field → some will only affect the numbers :wink: