Slick and awesome grids - Is it possible?

I’m a user of Panel and HoloViews which stands on the shoulders of Bokeh. My users very often want their data displayed in a table.

For that Panel and HoloViews uses the Bokeh functionality which is based on SlickGrid.

I can see that SlickGrid is performant and supports the things you want to do like create, select, insert, update and delete data. It also supports advanced formatting, sorting etc. But in practice I have found it difficult.

The basic look and feel is not very modern (subjective opinion :slight_smile: ), It’s not very responsive. And it does not layout well if you have lots of columns. I’ve not really seen any really awesome examples in a Bokeh/ Panel context (if they are there I would really like to know) I’ve tried to search for good SlickGrid Documentation and styles but what I find of documentation is difficult to navigate and does not look awesome. And for styles I can almost not find anything.

So therefore I’ve looked into other grids and found It is what I’ve been looking for and I’ve created a first implementation for Panel. It’s based on a Bokeh extension.


checkout the announcement here

With this post I hope to get some feedback or discussion. Maybe I will learn that SlickGrid is awesome and where the great resources are. Maybe I will learn that time and energy is better spent on improving SlickGrid and the bokeh implementation. Maybe I could inspire Bokeh to make SlickGrid awesome or to implement an alternative grid like tabulator.

I mentioned to @Philipp_Rudiger that switching a better implementation is certainly something that could be done for the 3.x timeframe. But what I would really like to see is someone dive in to the actual differences between Tabulator (or whatever) and SlickGrid and make a real case for switching with a somewhat detailed comparison. E.g. in some cases Slickgrid can do better, we simply have not taken advantage of its features. The upcoming 2.2 release will see some improvements in this regard.