Spinner's button for DataTable

In TableColumn there is an option editor like NumberEditor,IntEditor,…

If i understand, each cell selected, there is a spinner button to control value?

my code:

source_bezier = ColumnDataSource({‘x’: [200, 100, 300], ‘y’: [100, 150, 150], ‘size’:[5,9,10,5,5,5,5],‘color’: [‘red’, ‘green’, ‘yellow’]})
columns = [TableColumn(field=“x”, title=“x”),
TableColumn(field=“y”, title=“y”),
TableColumn(field=“size”, title=“size”,editor=NumberEditor(step=0.1)) ,
TableColumn(field=‘color’, title=‘color’)]
table = DataTable(source=source_bezier, columns=columns, editable=True, height=200)

and my Data Table:

AFAIK this would seem to be a bug, so a GitHub bug report issue would be appropriate.

Also, FYI you can enclose code blocks between triple-backticks ``` and the code will be formatted with syntax highlighting.

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Sorry I don’t understand your answer =="

My answer to this question is that the behavior seems to be a bug, so the next appropriate step would be for you to file a bug report on GitHub.

Separately, I was trying to let you know that it is possible to format code samples in your posts, and encouraging you to do so, since it makes them much easier to read. Besides the backticks method, there is also GUI button in the post editor you can use to format code blocks, it looks like this: </>

ah ok Thanks so much

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Hello Bryan,
Finally we don’t have some things like this image to change the value of each cell selected in Data Table?

That seems like the same question from before? As I said before, it is a bug that the spinner widget is not working in table cells.

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