Stretch_height does not work within bootstrap

What are you trying to do?

Showing a bokeh plot inside a panel that is part of a bootstrap grid

What have you tried that did NOT work as expected?

p = figure(title=“Weather data”,

Basically the above abstract is working perfectly for width, but not a all for height, sizing_mode=“stretch_height” is of course not working either. Height of the plot always seems to be 600px whatever I do.
Here is a visual example:

I tried to provide a minimal working example, but this is quite complex due css dependencies. I am not looking for a direct solution, but mostly, a systematic approach to understand what is happening, and how this stretch_both option resuls in css with fixed values (I guess there is some js involved there, but it is not clear for me where I should look at).

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ok there seems to be some interesting js code to look for this specific issue in resize event listeners. Unfortunately, I just managed to go up to here:

It is not clear for me where is resize_layout defined and how it relates to server side code defining stretch_both behaviour

@Hickson49 please state what version you are using, work on layout has been an ongoing activity under heavy development over many releases.

cc @mateusz do you have any input here?