Styling an existing bokeh web app

I’ve been trying to clean up the look of a webpage created with bokeh, I did not develop the original code so I’m only so familiar with bokeh. The general idea is trying to get back practices, and help with where I may have already gone wrong.

I began going through much of the documentation regarding bokeh, and I learnt about InLineStyleSheets, but this has not worked as when I use it it breaks the project and when loading the page nothing appears. This is with no extra changes to the code outside of adding InLineStyleSheets to the imports. I can’t tell if this is due to the fact every object now requires a stylesheet or what else I need to do or might have missed in the documentation.

There’s a degree of things I don’t believe I have permission to show here due to my contract with my work, so I can’t exactly show off any code, but I don’t believe that it would change much in terms of what is known.

I’m mostly looking to effectively add css to some of the basic objects such as tabs and Div objects so I can make the page look more professional. If the fact the whole page is generated through bokeh is a problem that would also be good information to keep in mind as well so I understand the task I’m undertaking here.

Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately it’s not really possible to speculate about anything at all without a complete Minimal Reproducible Example. Perhaps you can create a new, simple mock example without any proprietary bits, that demonstrates the issue.