TapTool + CustomJS callback - problem with many sources

Hi all,

Let me describe first how I am generating plots. So I am creatng generic plots with many series and markers. For example, each line have two types of markers and each line and marker type have different ColumnDataSource. So, frankly speaking I have n source. Someone may ask why I use many sources, so i simply answer that i have to create complex plot with many series. In additions markers must have custom HoverTool - different for twotypes of markers.

Lets back to my problem:

I want to make callback and fill form in html report when i click on marker. I assumed that I can use Tap tool, but after that i found problem with sources, as i need to have something different than standard examples.

When I tap marker i need to recognize markers source and then get some information, which i send via javascript to form.

I now that it might be a bit freaky, so if you want me help and have question do not hesitate to answer. I will reply for all your question.