Text annotation for filtered view

Hi when i add text annotation for flitered data
after the first dropdown change the text does not update
is there a way to add the text label just to the filtred scatter points and let them update everynew source filkter is applied

labels = LabelSet(x=‘x’, y=‘y’, text=‘Symbol’, text_font_size = “8px”,
x_offset=5, y_offset=-5.0, source=filtered_data, render_mode=‘canvas’)

if possible to add the text label just for the specifc fig.scatter obejct so few difrent lables can be overlayed on top of each other

@pydspro Thanks for the question!

I think this is similar to / same as: How to filter labels / labelset by the view? Can't work out how to make labels for data that the view has filtered out go away?

In which case, AFAICT @Bryan's answer is still the case:

There’s not currently any mechanism to fiter LabelSet or utilize a view with it. Your best bet for now is probably to have a column to control alpha and make the ones that should be filtered out be invisible by setting to zero.

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text glyph may be another possibility, though it does not have all the features LabelSet does.

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