TextInput.value_input looses focus when callback is triggered

In Bokeh 2.x setting a callback on the value_input property of the TextInput widget would trigger the callback as the user is typing in real-time (this is very useful for e.g. filtering the options of a MultiSelect in real-time as the user is adding or removing characters in the input field).

However, in Bokeh 3.x the TextInput widget (with a callback on the value_input property) looses focus whenever a character is typed in the widget. So the user needs to click the widget again in order to type another character.

Is this change in behavior intentional or is this a bug? Is it possible to get back the old behavior somehow?

Seems unintentional, I’d suggest filing a GitHub Issue. I don’t have any other immediate suggestions.

Thanks for the reply, I created a GitHub issue here: https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/issues/13947

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