The problem with the output multiple plots.


I’m just starting to learn Bokeh and I have some difficulty in understanding. I should be grateful if you help me with two difficulties.

I show a page with lots of graphics.

Everyone should be a line with dots and show hints when you hover the mouse.

To display I use design such as:

foo_hover = HoverTool(
tooltips=[# Some hover tool data])

foo = figure(width=275, height=300, name=“foo”,
title=(# Some title), tools=[foo_hover, TOOLS])
foo.line(‘x’, ‘y’, source=new_source)‘x’, ‘y’, source=new_source)

Some visual attributes here

As a result, I get charts as in the screenshot:

[<img src="" border="0" style="" width="400" height="126">](

Problem number one: When mouse point to the last point, I see a hint in the last and penultimate point. If you build a schedule of one line, then the prompt is displayed at all points except the last.

How to make so that the tips appear only over the points?

[<img src="" border="0" style="" width="320" height="100">](

Problem number two: when I bring a large number of graphics on the page, I would like to see them all on the same scale to all dla axis charts look the same. However, I admit that some of the charts have to scroll to see the entire line.

Maybe I have not learned enough documentation, so sorry if I asked too obvious question. Please tell me where to find a solution?

Many thanks!