TItles and labels ignoring padding using spaces

Hi all,

In some circumstances I would like for a title or label in something like a CheckBoxGroup to have some padding in it. For example, I’m using the CheckBoxGroup widget to display a compound label of an objects different attribute. These attributes can have a variable character length and so I have a function that will pad the length to some specified number of characters and then concatenate these attributes into one string. For example:

The variables name=‘bob’, height=‘64’, weight=‘150’ are padded to be name='bob ', height='64 ', and weight='150 ’ and then concatenated to a single string as ex='bob |64 |150 ’

Printing this string to the browser console shows that it is correctly formatted but in CheckBoxGroup it shows up as: ‘bob |64 |150’ which is not at all what I want.

I’ve noticed this behavior in other widget text components such as the Paragraph text or the titles for some (I’ve only tested a few) widgets.

Is this behavior intentional? Is there some way to force these text parameters to not space characters down to just 1 character?

I know that I can use data tables and that would fix this issue, but
I dislike the way the data tables work and prefer the look of other widgets that can accomplish a similar thing such as the CheckBoxGroup.