Tools in ridge_plot patches: Hover and Range


I’m working on a personal implementation of a Horizon Chart with Bokeh and I took the ridge_plot as baseline example to accomplish something similar to this graph. Note that I’m not on the overlaying part yet, which I’m planning to code later using varea. For now I just wanted a layout with multiple plots. So far, so good!

However, I also wanted to add some tools like HoverTool and mainly the RangeTool. To be more clear, I wanted a RangeTool shaded region for each patch of my plot and I don’t know how can I do that. Even the Hovertool, which has a renderers attribute that works well for independent bars with vbar_stack as seen at this example, does not seem to work. On the other hand, only the first RangeTool object works, but it does on all patches in figure at once, which is undesired since I wanted to drag independent regions.

There’s a full example code below with the result as a GIF.

from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource, RangeTool, Range1d, HoverTool
from bokeh.plotting import figure
from import show

import numpy as np

labels = ['Time','To','Be','Free']

def ridge(category, data=None, scale=1.0):
    return list(zip([category]*len(data), scale*data))

p = figure(title='Horizon chart wannabe',
        y_range=labels + [''],
        x_range=(0, NPOINTS),
        plot_width=1000, plot_height=600,

for i, lab in enumerate(labels):
    source = ColumnDataSource(data=dict(x=np.arange(NPOINTS),))
    vector = np.random.rand(NPOINTS-2)
    vector = np.insert(vector, 0, 0) # FIXME
    vector = np.append(vector, 0)    # FIXME 
    y = ridge(lab, data=vector)
    source.add(y, lab)

    renderer = p.patch('x', lab, name=lab,
            color='red', line_color='red', 
            fill_alpha=0.4, line_alpha=0.1,

    range_tool = RangeTool(x_range=Range1d((i+1)*5,(i+1)*5+5))
    range_tool.overlay.fill_color = "navy"
    range_tool.overlay.fill_alpha = 0.2

    hover_tool = HoverTool(tooltips=[
            ('x', '@x'),
        ], renderers=[renderer])



If I understand what you are after, my first suggestion is to set the y_range on the distinct RangeTool objects, so that each one only covers the fraction of vertical range for each series. (Also set y_interaction=False to lock them in place vertically)

Hi Bryan.

I followed your suggestion but still no success. Only the first RangeTool object that I add to the figure works, which means I cannot interact with the remaining ones even though they appear at the layout.

Output at the GIF below. The red circle is from the screen recorder and appears when I perform a click with the mouse, it doesn’t have anything to do with Bokeh.

@cassota That seems like a bug, then. I have not ever personally tried adding more than one range tool, and did not consider the possibility when implementing it. I’d suggest filing a GitHub issue about this (with code to test).

In the mean time, I can only suggest stacking separate plots with no padding next to each other so that it looks like one big plot. Make sure to share the x-ranges so everything will line up exactly.

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