Tooltips are showing ? and spaces seem to be the reason. Is there any way to get the tooltips to work without removing spaces?

The tooltips in what I’m building are showing ‘???’ for some fields and the reason seems to be that these fields have a space in their title.

I’m getting pandas to read columns from an .xlsx and populate a dictionary with them.

df = pd.read_excel('excelfile.xlsx', 'tab')
data = dict()
for i in df.columns: data.update({''+i:df[''+i]})

And for the tooltips:

ttip_items = ['Apples', 'Oranges', 'Field1 with spaces', 'Field2 with spaces']
ttips = [(item, "@"+item) for item in ttip_items]

I’d like to keep the spaces as they’re used for several other things where legibility is important. Is there any way I could avoid removing spaces without creating new fields specifically for the tooltips?

If the CDS column names have spaces in them you must wrap the name with braces:

("Some Column": "@{Some Column})