Update Bokeh tooltips in callback changes only value but not the name of the variable

I am building an interactive plot tool with Bokeh.

My data is composed by several 2D matrixes of equal dimensions. Each matrix is plotted with the glyph rect, and I use a select model to query different matrixes.

I have managed to set my widgets and callbacks correctly but there seems to be an issue every time I switch matrix, with regards to tooltips text.

I use tooltips text to check the matrix and magnitud of the plotted rectangle. When I update tooltips, it updates the value correctly but does not update the name (Check picks below).

My update function is set like this:

    def update(attr,old,new):
       #Update colors

       #Update Hovertool        
       parameter_name = select_pmt.value
       tooltips_str = set_str_tooltips(data, parameter_name)
       top_2D_figure.tools[0].tooltips = tooltips_str

Where set_str_tooltips is a fucntion that just checks if the data variable is a number or a string and returns a tuple equivalent to (value,name)

def set_str_tooltips(df, *col):
    tt_text = [('cell','@ElName')]
    for c in col:
        col_name = c

        if df[c].apply(isinstance,args = [float]).all():

            col_value = '@'+c+'{e.00}'



            col_value = '@'+c


    return tt_text

For debugging purposes I have printed the output of such function and the string tuples seem correct. For the actions performed in the pics below, it does print:

[('cell', '@ElName'), ('MA12', '@MA12')]
[('cell', '@ElName'), ('T', '@T{e.00}')]

So, I do not understand why it updates correctly only the value of the glyph but not the name.

At the moment I have a workaround wich is to delete the hovertools from my figure:

And then re-add my hover tool with the new text. And it works
top_2D_figure.add_tools(HoverTool(tooltips = tooltips_str))


I’m not sure anyone has ever asked about this, so it might just be a missing feature. What would really help is if you provide a small, complete, minimal toy example that we can use to investigate.

BTW if you must cross-post questions to multiple forums (e.g SO) we always ask that you include links from one question to the other so that other users may find an answer regardless of where it ultimately is posted.