Update from SciPy

Hi all,

I just wanted to give a quick update. We had a very successful and productive week at SciPy last week! There was much interest around Bokeh in general, and the talk was well-received, with many people coming to ask questions all the rest of the conference. If anyone would like to see talk, it is already up on YouTube:


There were also useful conversations with IPython devs about working towards a shared widgets architecture, and with MPL (and mpld3 and plotly) folks about a native MPL json exporter (and importer) that all the different plotting libraries could potentially use. Finally, the sprints were also very well attended, we got at least one PR out of it as well as some incredibly useful discussions around the JS architecture. Lots of other people got a chance to get hands-on experience using Bokeh for their own projects and data as well.

I'd like to especially thank all the people on the Bokeh team that made it out to the conference and sprints, and also made last week's release (in the middle of a chaotic conference, no less) so successful.