Update stackers in vbar_stack

Hi Community,
I am struggling with updating stackers in stackbar plot in Bokeh. Here is my code, please could you let me know a solution for this ?

fig = figure(

renderers = fig.vbar_stack( 
stackers = top_list_sup,

I would like to update stackers(top_list_sup) dynamically in the callback. Please could you let me know a way to do this ?

Thank you,

Hi @Snehal_Nair More information is needed:

  • is this in a Bokeh server application (python callbacks)? Or in standalone output (CustomJS callbacks)?

  • Are you tying to update the data, while keeping the underlying stacks the same? Or do you want to changes the stacks themselves?

Regardless, vbar_stack is really a convenience method, and as such it trades some flexibility to make things easier to set up. Ultimately, it might just be simplest to remove the plot and replace with a new plot entirely, rather than trying to “update” the existing plot.

How can we do that ?

" to remove the plot and replace with a new plot entirely"


@Julien1 Please ask a new dedicated question, and most importantly, include Minimal Reproducible Example. Your question as-is is so vague it has many potential answers.