Updated to Bokeh 2.2.3 -> Spinner getting error


I updated just recently to 2.2.3 and getting the following error on the Spinner changing the marker size. The marker is changing, so it is doing what its supposed to. But the page seems to lag because it keeps printing the error below when ever the user changes the size. Anyone have an idea why its doing that?

Snippet of the code:

    markerSize = Spinner(title="Marker size", low=1, high=100, step=1, value=7, width=80)    
    pEC_fd = pEC.scatter(x='Hours_From_Exposure', 
                          legend_label = 'Field Data', 
                          source=source, size = 7, 
                          color='colormap', alpha = 1)
    markerSize.js_link('value', pEC_fd.glyph, 'size')

Hi @Zana I can’t really tell anything from the snippet, please provide a Minimal Reproducible Example that can be actually run and investigated. Also please confirm the updated version was 2.2.3 (and not 2.3 which was released yesterday).