Updating Text in bokeh-server app

Hi everyone,

I’m making a dashboard for displaying analytics. For testing I’m only displaying two plots at the moment, one is a map and the other one displays information about the selected patch in the map. I’ve done this before with Bokeh in a notebook and it works fine. But now that I’ve created a server app (based on the stock_applet example) my Text glyphs are no longer displaying the information corresponding to the selected patch (selected with the TapTool). A simplified version of my app looks like this:

class MyApp(HBox):

…Some other parameters…

source = Instance(ColumnDataSource)
map_plot = Instance(Plot)
info_plot = Instance(Plot)

def create(cls):
obj = cls()
# Returns data as ColumnDataSource
obj.source = load_data()
# Create plots
return obj

def make_map_plot(self):
# create figure
self.map_plot = figure(…)
self.map_plot.patches(…, source=self.source)

def make_info_plot(self):
self.info_plot = Plot(…)
label = Text(x=10, y=10, text=[‘Price:’])
info = Text(x=20, y=10,text=‘price’)
self.info_plot.add_glyph(self.source, Text(), selection_glyph=info)


I haven’t been able to find a lot of information about making apps with the Bokeh-server (apart from the examples). I would appreciate any help/guide on this issue.