Using arguments in server_document

I’m using bokeh with fastapi
I’ve followed what has been done in panel-multi

@router.get("/{model}", response_class=HTMLResponse, name='run_panel')
def panel(request: Request, model: str):
    if model not in titles:
        raise HTTPException(status_code=404, detail="Item not found")

    url = f"{model}"
    script = server_session(session_id=generate_session_id(SECRET_KEY, signed=True), url=url)
    return templates.TemplateResponse('records/panel.html', {
        "request": request,
        "script": script,
        "title": titles[model],

    num_process=1 if == "nt" else 2,

It works fine.

Now I would like to add some arguments to server_session.
With latest bokeh version it’s no longer possible so I tried to use server_document instead:
script = server_document(url=url, arguments= {"ID": 'tut'})

When I’m trying to use server_document, I end up with this warning
WARNING:tornado.access:403 GET /panel/mrecordpanel/autoload.js?bokeh-autoload-element=1002&bokeh-app-path=/panel/mrecordpanel&bokeh-absolute-url= ( 0.85ms

and no graph is displayed…

I must be missing some points here
Any help would be great,

HTTP 403 is “Forbidden”. If you are trying to embed the Bokeh server content in another page at a different URL, then the Bokeh server needs to be configured to allow embedding from that new Origin. Typically with pure Bokeh, you would configure --allow-websocket-origin to add the embedding page’s URL the origin allow-list (or set --allow-websocket-origin=* to turn off cross-origin checks altogether, and allow embedding from anywhere) . But I am not sure how Panel exposes these options in their API. That question is probably a better directed to the Holoviz Discourse since that is run by the maintainers of Panel.

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