Using Bokeh on Micropython, Raspberry pi pico

I have a program I’ve written that uses Bokeh to generate graphs for a air quality sensor I have connected to my Raspberry Pi 4. I’ve got it all working and am happy with what I have. What I want to do, however, is now move this to a Raspberry Pi Pico W that’s running Microphython. Is it possible to install all of the libraries needed to use Bokeh on this Pico microcontroller?

@MABeatty I have zero experience with either Micropython or RasbPis, and I can’t ever recall any questions, posts, or issues about them, that might have information, either. It’s possible someone else does, and can chime in. But really, the best thing to to do is simply to try it, and see what actual issues or problems you run into. It is always easier to offer help and guidance for specific situations with detailed information (e.g. error messages, etc)