Using checkbox group or button to alter line width and color?


I’m pretty new to python, very new to bokeh, and have never written a line of java in my life, so sorry in advance for probably asking poor questions.

I am building a plot that will have multiple line glyphs in it. I’ll be writing it out to an html file that I can share with others. I’d like the end consumers of the data to be able to control the display of the lines (either turn them on/off, or perhaps change color for emphasis) via a checkbox group or buttons, sort of like a legend that controls which data is displayed.

Any feedback from the group here on best practice or elegant ways of doing this would be appreciated.

Again, sorry for the vague nature of my query.




From my limited standpoint, I was thinking I would use the checkbox group until I realized that it doesn’t have the CustomJS callback that I think I might need to set the line width down to zero to “erase” it.