Van Genuchten Equation Parameter Explorer

As a groundwater modelling specialist, I often have a hard time thoughtfully selecting unsaturated flow parameters in my models - balancing numeric stability with realism is always the challenge. I built this tool using Bokeh and a fair bit of CustomJS to visualize the interplay between the parameters in the Van Genuchten Equation (the de facto equations governing flow through unsaturated porous media) and the effect they have on the relationship between soil water content and suction head, and soil water content and hydraulic conductivity. Try it out here!


Nice interface with responsive interactions. Well written abstract above introducing the topic!

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This is fun! I also appreciated the abstract, and the linked papers were useful in understanding what I was seeing as I moved around the sliders.

Is it okay if I put out an @bokeh tweet about it? If so, do you have a twitter handle I should tag?

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For sure! Iā€™m @gaelen_merritt on twitter. Thanks for the kind words!