WebGL output backend for multi_line?

Hello Community. @Bryan Does backend WGL include multi_line glyph? From which version? I did find doc references for lines but not for multiple lines using the multi_line method. Thank you. Rodrigo

AFAIK it does not currently include multi-lines. @Ian_Thomas is actually the best person to comment on the current status of WebGL, however.

Correct, the WebGL backend does not support multi_line glyphs yet. It is specifically mentioned in the WebGL Roadmap (WebGL roadmap · Discussion #11369 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub) but it is non-trivial to implement as it requires significant changes to the rendering pipeline. I predict that we will add it sometime in the next 6 months.

The list of glyphs supported by the WebGL backend is in the docs at WebGL acceleration — Bokeh 3.0.3 Documentation

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Understood. Thank you @Bryan and @Ian_Thomas. We have to wait. Rodrigo.

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