Webgl questions

When using the webgl output backend, is there a way to confirm that webgl is actually being used since bokeh automatically switches to default if it can’t use it?

If I have multiple gpu available, will it use all of them?

@Ian_Thomas is probably the best person to comment on these questions

You used to be able to identify webgl and canvas output backends by their slightly different rendering, but we have spent quite a bit of effort to get them looking as similar as possible so this no longer applies.

One option is to use the browser Developer Tools. Chrome has a Performance tab that allows you to record some activity, e.g. loading the web page and doing some interactivity such as panning or zooming, and then display the results. There is a performance line for GPU which will contain a lot more activity if you are using webgl rather than canvas. With canvas it won’t be zero though, so run it with both output backends and compare the results.

The second option I use is nvidia-smi dmon on the command line (assuming you have an Nvidia graphics card) which shows the power usage, temperature, RAM usage, etc, in real time.

As for multiple graphics cards, your driver should combine them as a single entity and we have no explicit knowledge of whether you have one or more. How many are actually used is up to the driver, if you are not doing much webgl it may just one or spread the load across those available.

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