WebGL support

QUESTION … Is the bokeh documentation around WebGL acceleration up-to-date w.r.t. the glyphs that benefit from it? Or is there support for line-like glyphs such as segment and multiline?

The bokeh documentation lists which glyphs benefit from WebGL acceleration support and specific list line().


There is an old GitHub issue where some discussion in the thread mentions adding WebGL support for multiline but it’s not clear if that was aspirational or actually done.

@_jm A major rewrite of the WebGL code began a couple of months ago and we plan to continue it to cover many more glyph classes. The only glyphs currently supported are line, rect, circle and all of the scatter/marker glyphs. None of these are fully functional yet though (e.g. some of dashed line options) and we have been concentrating on accuracy more than speed at this stage. We expect to make big advances over the next few months in terms of accuracy, performance, and coverage of glyph classes.

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Thanks for the detailed answer.