Weekly Status

Hi all,

Some updates/summary from our weekly Bokeh meeting:

* Target dates set for 0.9 release:

- May 11-13 Code Freeze/Testing
- May 14 Build/Packaging
- May 15 Release

* Dev-build released today: https://groups.google.com/a/continuum.io/forum/#!topic/bokeh/SMS7fE8188M

- hit testing/hover tool for lines
- JS callback/actions

* Several new contributors should be coming on board over the next month

* Recent or upcoming Talks/Tutorials

- PyCon Talk (Sarah Bird) https://youtu.be/O5OvOLK-xqQ
- PyconIT Talk (Fabio Pliger) https://www.pycon.it/conference/talks/bokeh-is-here-interactive-visualization-for-python-and-friends
- PyData Dallas Tutorial (Bryan Van de Ven) upcoming


Bryan Van de Ven
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