What does source map error 403 mean?

I updated a flask app and broke my website. Does anyone know what this error message means in my console log?

Source map error: Error: request failed with status 403
Resource URL: https://cdn.pydata.org/bokeh/release/bokeh-1.3.4.min.js
Source Map URL: bokeh.min.js.map

This message is harmless and can be ignored. It only means that some purely optional debugging and development-specific files are not available (because we do not publish them to the CDN). In more recent versions of Bokeh the requests have been suppressed, so that those log messages no longer appear. Regardless, these source map files are not required, and their absence does not affect or disrupt Bokeh in any way. Whatever caused your change/breakage, it is not related to this.

See, e.g. these messages show up even in the old version docs site, but the content still displays correctly:

Note that if you are hard-coding BokehJS versions e.g. in Jinja templates, and updated the Bokeh Python version that the Flask code uses, then you would need to update the BokehJS versions in the templates to match. This just speculation, though, since “updated a flask app” is not specific and could mean a dozen different things.

Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for migrating beyond hardcoding the version of bokeh? For now I’m just making sure the install script has the hardcoded version of bokeh in it.

Migration notes are included in Release notes when applicable:

If you are experiencing an issue not covered by migration notes, then the best way to help others help you is to start off by supplying more information:

  • exact relevant package versions (starting/ending if updating)
  • app console log messages
  • browser console log messages
  • some idea how you are using/embedding Bokeh (there are lots of possibilities)

Ideally, when at all possible, a Minimal Reproducible Example.